Chiropractic Functional Neurology

Beneficial effects with many chronic neurologically based conditions.

Network Spinal Analysis

A tool for personal change and spinal integrity.

Network for Animals

A non-invasive technique with positive results.





This office provides a dynamic and contemporary Chiropractic approach to improve your present health condition and to increase your ability in all aspects of your life. The condition of the spinal column corresponds directly to your level of health.

We apply Chiropractic Functional Neurology to balance the body’s natural reflexes and muscle tone. Contemporarily, we apply Network Spinal Analysis to help integrate and reinforce these benefits. This is the only office in Italy which combines these two dynamic methods of application.

We understand that pain strongly motivates people to seek treatment. Usually, the body has been suffering long before the pain manifests. Let us demonstrate how your body can change for the better. As your ability to function increases, pain and symptoms subside.

We take pride in providing the best non-medical care possible. Call us and let Graziella brief you and arrange an appointment. After completing a Chiropractic history and a Chiropractic evaluation, you will be provided with a synopsis of your situation. As a client orientated office, we strive to meet your desired outcomes.

To ensure the best care, we request collaboration by the acting Medical Doctor for anyone with serious pathologies or complicating medical issues. Our effective low force techniques practiced at this Center guarantee safety.

Our office awaits your inquiry.

Who can benefit from Chiropractic?




Improve precision, speed and
Fine tune coordination.
Recover faster from injuries.


Improve their health.
Assists in post op. recovery.
Helps behavioral problems.
Low-force application.

Chiropractic Functional Neurology

A clinical Chiropractic neuroscience which pin-points and changes physiological deficiencies without the use of drugs; forty years of research studying and positively effecting many neurodegenerative conditions as well as injuries to the brain. A world wide group of Ivy League researchers assist the originator, Prof. Frederick Carrick, to document and advance methods of evaluating and changing the state of the nervous system. No medication involved!

Network Spinal Analysis

Promotes full spine postural changes, reduces pain and increases personal well-being. Allows for new life strategies to express and to recognize old inappropriate behaviors.
Promotes two unique physiological patterns of movement that improve spinal function. Irvine University studied. Clinically reproducible results.

Catch the Network wave!

Network for Animals

A non-force, non-medical approach to improve the lives of your beloved animal. Treat your animal friend and observe the positive changes. Over 30 years experience.

Assists in post.op. recovery. Assists in gait difficulties. Dogs, cats, horses, iguanas and the list goes on.

Worth your time to learn more.