Network for Animals

Dr. Dela Cuesta receives the most satisfaction working with animals. The bond between he and the animal intrigue the owners as their animal forms a direct and honest relation with Dr. Dela Cuesta. Being more in touch with their bodies, animals heal with greater vigor when given the right circumstances. Dr. Dela Cuesta’s respect for animals and their natural abilities amplifies the positive effects.

For almost three years, Adjust Your Life had the pleasure and responsibility of volunteering their services to the Castel Maggiore, Trebbo di Reno dog/cat shelter. They witnessed many wonderful and at times amazing recoveries. We collaborated with the founder of Animal Liberation.

Helps in:

  • dysplasia, hernia

  • neuromuscular problems

  • bio-mechanical problems

  • post. op. recovery

  • behavioral difficulties

  • neurodegenerative conditions

Humans consider themselves superior due to the size and complexity of their brains. Our ability to think separates us and at times handicaps us. Prejudice, doubts, placebo, hypocrisy, and opinions may actually slow the healing process. Animals lack such qualities but apparently their healing abilities rank superior to our complex brains.

The respect maintained by Dr. Dela Cuesta and the determination to expand care for animals keeps him occupied in hands on care of as many as possible. He also sensitizes others to the needs of both domestic and wild animals. Coming soon a foundation for animals where proceeds will go to projects to improve the lives of his beloved friends.

Dr. Dela Cuesta does not practice veterinarian medicine and does not claim to treat symptoms. Again, he endeavors to change spinal tension patterns through light point contacts increasing ease throughout the system. This under taking assists the animal greatly.

Dott. Imants Dela Cuesta

These are just some of our patients…